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Your Path to Health Freedom

A life-changing 4-month program for those who want to ditch the fatigue, hormonal issues, and pain that’s been plaguing their lives so that they can finally live the full and adventurous life they’ve always dreamed of.

Dare to Be Different...

As an ambitious health, nature, and adventure seeker, you’ve already “tried it all”. I get it. I really do.

Imagine a different approach to health in which you are guided and empowered to live a holistic and vibrant life that allows you to be more energetic, balance your hormones, and finally get the incredible sleep that you’ve been dreaming of.

Rather than quick doctor visits that often get you nowhere with your health, why not try a personalized functional health program?

You’re passionate about exploring more with your family.

Hiking, traveling, and adventuring are your thing!

Your joy is found in being out in nature and adventuring your heart out.

If You’re Being Honest With Yourself…

…it’s like being stuck on a never-ending treadmill of exhaustion, and no matter how hard you try to eat healthy and exercise, it just doesn’t seem to make a dent in your chronic fatigue.

There MUST be another way!

And if something doesn’t change, you know you’ll miss out on all of your ambitious plans. Like all those plans that include adventure and traveling with your loved ones.

What if...

…without having to drink caffeine, take expensive and ineffective supplements, and go on a restrictive diet?

Here's the Problem...

Over time, many women reach a point where they surrender to the idea that they’re naturally lower in energy or that it’s a natural part of growing older.

I mean, can you really blame them?

When you’re putting in all that effort to see results, and nothing seems to be working, it’s incredibly tempting to throw in the towel.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like this.

There’s an alternative path.

My Journey...

What I Did...

My Background...

What my clients say...

Why This Approach Is Different...

Few health programs address chronic fatigue since the majority of experts are perplexed by its origins. Those that do exist often fall short in uncovering the underlying root causes.

Instead, they recommend supplements and nutrition plans that are NOT designed for each individual person’s unique needs based on their lab results. That approach won’t yield results!

This specialized program uses laboratory assessments, a mineral-rich targeted whole food plan, and supplements as you are guided through the uncomplicated 6-Step Mineral-Balancing Formula.

This formula unites wholesome nourishment with personalized laboratory analyses to identify the genuine source of your fatigue, without making you waste money on natural supplements or following time-consuming routines that will actually be ineffective for your needs.

Why I'm Different...

What's Included...

When you enroll in this life-changing program, we’ll start off with targeted testing such as the hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to uncover what’s driving your health struggles. Based on your HTMA results and your personal health history, I’ll develop a holistic plan specifically designed to fix your energy systems. Within the Renewal package, I’ll also order a gut health test (GI-MAP) for you to check for any chronic gut infections. From there, I’ll move you through the 6-Step Healthy Living Method.

STEP 1: Water Upgrade

In Step 1, we focus on upgrading your water. This is a huge step in regaining your energy. We’ll go over the best water filter options to remove toxins found in your water, how to properly remineralize your water, as well as other mineral-optimizing strategies. All of this will help in adequately energizing your cells for healing to be able to occur.

Variety of meats

Step 2: Whole Food Eating Plan

In Step 2, we discuss which foods you need to eat to regain your lost energy. We’ll also cover which foods might be draining your energy and be inflammatory for you. In this module, we want to make sure you are eating gut-friendly foods that allow your healthy microbes to flourish. I’ll provide you with a Whole Food Plan to keep it simple.

Hair mineral test on a table

Step 3: All About Minerals

By this point, we should have the results of your hair tissue test (HTMA). In Step 3, I’ll create a targeted approach based on your HTMA that will more efficiently help you work towards balancing YOUR minerals. We’ll also get to see which heavy metals are high in your body and are limiting your energy. I’ll also guide you through strategies on how to reduce your heavy metal exposure.

STEP 4: Rest, Stress, & Self-Care

Our sleep-wake cycle impacts our energy and stress levels in a BIG way. If it‘s impaired, then we can’t make the proper hormones, we can’t make neurotransmitters, and our bodies can’t heal properly from daily stress. In Step 4, I guide you on tools, including EMF-minimizing strategies, that you can use to normalize your circadian rhythm so you can be energetic again!

Step 5: Movement

Movement is important not only for energy production but also for circulating toxins out of our bodies. In this step, I’ll guide you through simple daily movement strategies that you can do that will help you energize your body and increase lymphatic drainage in a healthy way rather than further stressing it out.

Step 6: Energy Detox

Toxins are a HUGE source of fatigue. In Step 6, we’ll go deeper into the results of your hair mineral test (HTMA). We’ll assess your heavy metal exposure by doing an inventory of your household and self-care products. I’ll help you with a guide on better product options to choose from that are lower in toxins.

How It Works

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

Once you join the program, I’ll mail you a hair tissue lab kit that you can do in the comfort of your own home. The HTMA will assess your chronic mineral imbalances and heavy metal levels – both of which cause profound chronic fatigue. The hair test is very simple and non-invasive. 


As part of the Renewal program, you’ll receive a gut health test that checks for any chronic gut infections that you may have that are hindering optimal digestion, and sleep, or are causing rashes and headaches. Candida overgrowth, H. pylori, and other gut infections are checked with this test. 

*Only Included in the Renewal Package

Gut health test (GI-MAP)

3+ Months of Targeted Supplements

As a functional health practitioner, I can order customized supplements for you that come in powdered form that you can mix with drinks that you enjoy. The ingredients in the customized supplements are all tested for heavy metals, allergens, and microbial contamination. Your Custom Formula contains the minerals and other nutrients that YOU are deficient in based on your HTMA test results. This is a HUGE time and money saver for you. 

*Only Included in the Renewal Package

Image of supplements on wooden spoons

Private Coaching Calls (Up to 60 Minutes)

We will meet together every month via a call to review your progress and challenges. I’ll be readily available to help you in resolving any issues and ensuring you stay committed. I aim to provide you with profound support and help you stay on course, expediting your journey to overcome fatigue and regain your energy as swiftly as possible.

Unlimited Support (120-Day Access)

Do you need extra support? Have questions in between our calls? I’ll answer your messages within 1 business day Monday through Thursday. I’m here for you! You don’t have to make these changes on your own. This is all done on our secure online platform. There is a handy smartphone app that you can use to communicate with me.

Weekly Accountability Check-ins (120-Day Access)

Life is busy and hectic which is why I completely understand why it’s easy to get off track. One of my goals is to get you back to making progress. Every week, I’ll check in with you to make sure you are making steps toward your goals within your program. I don’t judge, just encourage and ask thoughtful questions. We’ll figure out how we can get you back on track ASAP!

Who's This Program for?

Who's This Program NOT for?

Let’s break down what you get:

Are you ready to ditch your endless fatigue and/or hormonal issues so you can finally adventure and travel like you’ve always dreamed of? So you have more energy than you had in your 20s?!

Let’s get you there starting right now!

There’s no better time than today. 

I only have space to take on a limited number of clients each month so I’m able to give plenty of time to those already working with me. I currently have 2 spots available for this month. Reach out to me now to reserve your spot!



  • (1) HTMA Test
  • (1) Mineral & Heavy Metal Video Assessment
  • (1) Assessment Call to Review HTMA Results
  • One Full, Custom Protocol
  • Full Mineral-Rich Diet Guide
  • Low-Toxin Lifestyle Guidance
  • Weekly Email Check-Ins
  • 120 Days of Full Support
  • Monthly Calls to Boost Progress


  • (2) HTMA Tests
  • (2) Mineral & Heavy Metal Video Assessments
  • (1) Gut Health Test (GI-MAP)
  • Assessment Calls to Review Test Results
  • (2) Full Protocols (at beginning and end of program)
  • 3+ Months of Targeted Supplements
  • Full Mineral-Rich Diet Guide
  • Low-Toxin Lifestyle Guidance
  • Weekly Email Check-Ins
  • 120 Days of Full Support
  • Monthly Calls to Boost Progress
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