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  • FREE Initial Consultation
  • Review of Your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)
  • Review of Your Full Monty Blood Panel
  • Personalized Protocol to Balance Your Minerals Based on Test Results
  • Educational Info + Protocol Prompts Delivered Daily Via App
  • Weekly + Monthly Check-Ins to Make Any Necessary Adjustments
  • Retesting of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis + Full Monty Blood Test After 3 Months to Check Progress

Minerals are the foundation of life. True health cannot be achieved until minerals are balanced in the body.

Minerals such as copper, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, and numerous others are the basis of all life.

Without minerals, life would not exist.

So what happens when these minerals become imbalanced within our soil and water supply? The plants and animals that depend on the soil and water also become deficient in minerals when their soil and water sources are mineral-deficient. As a result, when we eat plants and animals, we also get fewer minerals into our bodies.

Add in the fact that there are harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides used on the soil that also get into the water supply. Those harmful chemicals affect us all (plants, animals, and humans) which leads to even more mineral deficiencies and mineral imbalances. 

And then, we have to consider the fact that companies add iron and other oxidative minerals into processed foods and supplements. Companies formulate their foods and supplements in a very unnatural way that causes mineral imbalances. 

We should not be relying on processed foods and highly processed supplements to meet our nutritional needs. Over time, this will cause dysfunction.

Without the proper balance of minerals, we eventually feel fatigued. The mitochondria are the powerhouses inside of our bodies that are responsible for making energy. They cannot make energy without the proper amount and type of MINERALS.

Your health issues might start off as inconspicuous, starting off slowly until they become more of a hindrance to you living a quality life. 

Here are just a FEW signs and symptoms that someone might start to notice as their minerals become imbalanced:

None of the above signs and symptoms should be seen as a “normal” part of life rather it should alert us that something is imbalanced in our bodies and that inflammation is occurring. 

We need to take action immediately before those health issues progress.

A medication is not the answer.

The very first step should be to address mineral imbalances inside of the body. 

A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is a tool that can be used to see the mineral levels within your tissues. We have each of our clients use this tool so that we can truly see what is going on in the body. 

A Full Monty Panel is another tool that we use with our clients to determine the mineral content in their blood. 

Both of these tools give us a clear idea of the direction to take to balance your minerals. We then design a mineral-rich, whole food plan for you to follow! We teach you how to incorporate ancestral principles into your lifestyle such as:

In our three-month program, we educate you on how to balance your minerals using well-researched methods. Our first step is to review your hair tissue mineral analysis and mineral blood panel to help design a program just for you.

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